September, 2016 Events 
"Purple Purse Challenge"
     DVRCC would like to introduce you to the Allstate          Purple Purse Challenge. DVRCC was selected among      many other agencies across the county for a chance      to win $100,000. The challenge is simple. DONATE. If      you or anybody you know would like to donate to         this cause, all that is needed is to go to the                     following website and click DONATE. This event runs     from September 28th to October

    If there are any questions please contact Darianne        or Heather at 701-225-4506

November, 2016 Events 
"Annual Prom and Party Dress Fundraiser"

WHEN: November 5th, 2016 from 10:00 a.m-1:00 p.m
WHERE: Ramada Grand Dakota Lodge, Dickinson ND

Info: DVRCC will again host their annual fundraising event. This event is set up both as a fundraising opportunity as well as an event to assist young ladies in purchasing prom dresses at a extremely discounted cost. 
If you or anybody you know has any formal wear dresses that would like to be donated, please contact DVRCC staff at 701-225-4506.